Curriculum 2015

Curriculum 2015:

The curriculum of Magister Energi study Program (ME) is designed comprehensive by preparing the curriculum with a flexible silabi and adaptative to the development of current or future energy problems and poured in 40 SKS with the distribution of each semester as follows:

  • Renewable energy (new and Renewable Energy)
  • Energy planning Concentration
SmtMK CodeCourse NameWeight CREDITS
IME 501Research Methodology3
ME 502Sustainable energy3
ME 503Energy Resources and conversions3
ME 504Conventional and non conventional power plants3
IiME 505Selekta Capita3
ME 506Economics and Energy3
ME 507Thesis Proposal Seminar0
ME 508Energy and the environment2
ME 5XXElective courses I2
ME 5XXElective courses II2
IiiME 601Solar and wind energy3
ME 6XXElective courses III2
ME 6XXElective courses IV2
ME 6XX Courses Options V2
IvME 602Thesis Seminar1
ME 603Thesis6

Energy planning concentrations

SmtMK CodeElective courses Weight CREDITS
2ME 509Basic Energy Planning Modeling2
2ME 511Basic Energy Audit2
3ME 603Energy audits and advanced energy conversions2
3ME 605Advanced Energy Planning Modeling2
3ME 607Energy Management2
3ME 609Economy and Advanced Energy2

EBT concentration (new renewable energy)

SmtMK CodeElective coursesWeight CREDITS
2ME 510Geothermal systems and Technologies2
2ME 512Bio Energy2
3ME 604Geothermal exploration System2
3ME 606Bio Fuel2
3ME 608Hydro Energy2
3ME 610Fuel Cell and nuclear energy2