Vision, Mission & Objectives


In 2020 became the Master of Energy study Program that excels at national and regional level.

The Mission of the

  1. To conduct a quality education to produce competitive graduates in the energy field.
  2. To conduct quality research that produces national, international, and intellectual property rights, teaching books, policies and technologies that are successful and effective in the field of energy.
  3. To conduct community devotion with the application of science and technology that successfully use and empowered to energy field by promoting local resources through consultation, mentoring and training services.
  4. To improve professionalism, capability, accountability and good governance and independence in the implementation of education.

The purpose of

  1. Producing graduates who are virtuous, honest character, bold, caring, fair, entrepreneurial spirit, high leadership and communication capable, global insight, professional in the field of energy and high competitiveness both national level and International.
  2. To produce research in the field of energy that is scientifically valuable on national and international scale, applicative, and able to improve the competitiveness of the nation.
  3. To produce devotion and service to the community by applying science and technology in the field of energy and also able to contribute positively to the acceleration and development of national and small business industries in the field of Energy.
  4. To produce an education system with good governance so that guarantees obtained graduates, research, devotion and service of quality community.