Campus Location

Diponegoro University has campuses in several locations with a total area of about 2 million m2 consisting of:

  1. Pleburan Campus – Located in the center of the City of Semarang (graduate school, Non-Eksakta faculty, computer UPT, foreign language UPT, and public lecture UPT) with an area of about 87,522 m2. Master study Program of energy system at the Pleburan campus at Jl. Imam Bardjo SH No. 5 Semarang Building TTB graduate 3rd Lt. (024) 8454118
  2. Tembalang Campus – in Semarang above (rectorate Building, Research Institute, Community service Institution, Education Development Institute, UPT Library, UPT Undip Press, and Faculty of Sciences Eksakta) with an area of about 1,352,054 m2.
  3. JL. Dr. Soetomo and campus of the Brintik Mountain – Semarang under (Faculty of Medicine) with an area of 12,000 m2.
  4. Campus Jl. Kalisari – Semarang (laboratory Faculty of Engineering) with an area of about 18,000 m2.
  5. Campus Jl. Ade Irma Suryani-Jepara (Faculty of Fisheries and Marine sciences) with an area of about 8,816 m2
  6. Mlonggo Campus – Jepara (Faculty of Medicine) with an area of 4,190 m2
  7. Awur Bay Campus – Jepara (Faculty of Fisheries and Marine sciences, student dormitories) with an area of about 518,385 m2.

Graduate School building