The post-graduate self-examination (S2/S3) and the Undip profession Program are organized in an integrated UM registration system managed by Education Quality Development and Assurance Institute (LP2MP) Universitas Diponegoro.

Procedures for registering:

  1. Participants prepare diploma documents, transcripts and other files in PDF format
  2. Participant creates an account using email CLICK HERE
  3. Participants fill in the personal data and upload documents in PDF format
  4. Pay registration fee using BILLKEY/PAY CODE obtained when online listing at designated bank (BNI Bank, BRI Bank, bank BTN, Bank Mandiri) CLICK HERE
  5. Participant performs test card printing
  6. Come to the exam site according to the date of implementation by carrying your identity and FC original Diploma/Diploma and legalized transcript (only shown to the supervisor during the exam)

Exam Materials

  1. Academic potential Test (TPA),
  2. English test,
  3. Scientific substance test (in the form of interviews/written tests)

The Admission calendar

Online Registration:4 February-27 March 2020
Selection Exam:5 April 2020
Prodi Substance Exam:5-6 April 2020 (as per schedule Prodi respectively)
The announcement of the:April 17th, 2020

Admission fee

  • Master’s and profession registration for Rp. 750,000, (seven hundred and fifty Thousand Rupiah)
  • Doctoral registration RP. 1 million, (one million Rupiah)

For more info on the study Program, please contact:

  • Dr. Ir. Jaka Windarta, MT: 0821-3104-8558 via WA & Phone
  • Solikhin, SE: 0813-3914-7601 via WA & Phone

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